Trademarked logo of the Czech Heritage Society of Texas - the silver lion of Bohemia superimposed on an outline of Texas in red

Fayette County Chapter
Czech Heritage Society of Texas

2017 Officers

PRESIDENT Elizabeth Ripple
311 W State Hwy 71
Fayetteville, TX 78940
(979) 378-2239


12604 N State Hwy 95
Flatonia, TX 78941
(512) 739-7840


SECRETARY Kathryn Haluska

107 Krupka

Columbus, TX 78934

(979) 733-9129

TREASURER Cathleen Noska

6034 S Bauer Rd

Fayetteville, TX 78940

(979) 249-5265

HISTORIAN - Liz Rippple


One Year
Adrienne Kobza (2017)
George Janecka (2017)

Two Year
Georgia Kovar (2016-2017)
George Hranicky (2017-2017)

Three Year
Carolyn Heinsohn (2-17-2019)
Joe Ripple (2017-2019)


The Fayette County Chapter of the Czech Heritage Society of Texas was organized on March 7, 1987, at the historical SPJST Lodge No. 1, Fayetteville, Texas.   Membership is open to persons of Moravian/Czech descent or anyone interested in preserving Slavic culture in Fayette County and in the State of Texas.  We have four meetings a year: January, June, September and December. The January and September meetings are held at the TCHCC center on a Sunday (call for date). In June, we have our meeting and picnic usually during the week in the afternoon. In December we have a Christmas party along with a meeting this year on Monday, December 4 at Oakridge Smokehouse in Schulenburg.


Dues for the Fayette Chapter are $5.00 annually and $10.00 for State Membership, for a total of $15.00.  To insure that the member's name is listed on the state roster, the dues should be paid by the end of  January.  Any dues paid in October through December will be credited for the following year.

Fayette Czech Singers and Dancers

The Fayette Chapter is a sponsor for the Fayette Czech Singers and Dancers, co-sponsored by the S P J S T Lodge No. 1, Fayetteville, Texas.  The group was organized in the fall of 1985 for the Fayette County  Sesquicentennial pageant, for the spring of 1986.  Authentic songs and dances are learned:  Moravian, Bohemian, Silesian and Slovakian.  The song leader is Carolyn Sumbera Meiners, La Grange and the dance instructor and coordinator is Helen Trnovsky Mikus, Fayetteville, Texas.

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